Server 2016 Technical Preview

Windows Server 2016 Technical Preview 5 Released.

Along with the full blown installation with GUI and the option for a core version there is now also a new Nano Server version. This is a super-lite package that uses a fraction of the overhead used by the core version. This new version, like server core, is designed for remote management using RSAT. There is no logon capability and it will only support 64-bit applications and tools. The Nano version will use less disk space and require fewer updates than the full version and will install faster.

There appears to be significant changes in Hyper-V and networking as Microsoft continues to push their own virtualisation platform. Security is, as usual, a major point of focus. There have been improvements both in network security and VM protection with BitLocker for VMs using vTPM.

For more information on the new and updated features in Server 2016 there is a free eBook on offer from Microsoft. This gives more details on the Server 2016 Technical Preview as well as some good advice on setting up and securing your infrastructure. For the free eBook click here.

You can download the Server 2016 Technical Preview on the Microsoft Technet website. Click here for the website. You will need a Microsoft account in order to download the software.

Please note that this is a pre-release edition and should not be used on production environments. Features in this version may change drastically or even be removed in the final version so planning for deployment should not be based on this version.

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