8 Reasons You Should Be Using Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is, as the name suggests, a piece of software designed for taking notes. In this article I will list 8 reasons why I think you should be using OneNote, particularly if you are disorganised.

1) It will help you get organised

Microsoft OneNote Organised

Microsoft OneNote is a great tool to help you organise yourself whether it is for work, taking notes about calls or projects, or for home life. You can create shopping lists, keep track of useful websites for DIY work, keep track of spending and much more. With multiple notebooks you can even have one for work and one for home so you can keep on top of things no matter where you are.

2) Integration with other Microsoft Office software

Office Applications including Microsoft OneNote

From within OneNote you can create Outlook tasks for any notes you have created. In reverse, you can send an email into OneNote. This is particularly useful if you receive a lot of emails and need to keep on top of certain projects. You can link emails from different people into a single page in OneNote and have all that information in one place.

You can also create links to Excel spreadsheets or open the entire spreadsheet in a OneNote page. Combined with linking emails in you can have all the information about a project in a single page. No more clicking around trying to find where you stored that spreadsheet file!

3) You can access it anywhere

Microsoft OneNote on multiple devices

As long as you set the notebooks up to be stored in your OneDrive account you will be able to access them from any device. Microsoft OneNote is available on Windows, OS X, iOS and Android meaning that you can open your notebook on your laptop, Android phone, Macbook or iPhone. The best part is that it updates almost instantly as long as you have an internet connection so you can create a note on your computer and access it on your phone seconds later.

4) You can share notebooks with people


This is one of the features that I have found most useful with OneNote. The ability to share notebooks and specify whether people can edit them or only view them. Using this feature of Microsoft OneNote in a work environment enables a project leader to create a notebook and share it with the whole team who can then change sections as work is completed. It can then be shared with management as read-only so that they can see the progress without the risk of them making changes. One particularly great feature within the sharing facility is that changes are annotated with the initials of the person who made the changes. This gives a greater degree of accountability.

At home the sharing feature can be great as one person can add items to a shopping list and the other person will see the changes when they go to do the shopping.

5) You can record audio or video notes

OneNote Record

Audio and video notes can be recorded directly into OneNote. This is great for taking down quick thoughts and ideas when trying to convey the idea by typing it in. I’ve also found this useful when you’re driving or doing something else which prevents you from being able to type. Video notes are a great way for recording a meeting and then sharing it with team members who weren’t able to attend rather than just sending minutes which may have missed an important piece of information.

6) The search feature is great

Microsoft OneNote Search

The search feature in Microsoft OneNote is a powerful tool particularly when you have been using it for a long time. The search facility will crawl through all of the sections and pages and return results from anywhere in the entire notebook. There is not much else to say about this other than it makes life a lot easier when you’re trying to find something you noted down 6 months ago but can’t remember where!

7) You can draw notes or diagrams straight in

Microsoft OneNote

This is really useful when you’re using a tablet or phone but you can do it on a computer too. It is great when you want to take a quick note or have an idea that requires illustrating.

8) It is free!

Microsoft OneNote is Free

All you need to get Microsoft OneNote is a Microsoft Account and you can register for one in a matter of minutes for free.

There you have it, eight reasons why you should start using Microsoft OneNote. If you’ve been persuaded or even if you just want to see whether it is as good as all that click here to visit the official Microsoft OneNote page.

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