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Connecting to Office 365 Exchange Using Powershell

Some administrative tasks require you to connect to Office 365 using Powershell because they are not available on the GUI. Once you are familiar with Powershell and the cmdlets required for certain Office 365 tasks you may actually find it a more efficient way to administer Office 365. In this article, we outline the steps required to connect to Office 365 from Powershell with explanations of each part. At the end of the article, the commands are combined into a script that you can run to get connected. 1) Script Execution Policy Before your computer will allow you to run

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Ransomware – Don’t Be A Victim

Ransomware – Don’t Be A Victim In this article I want to provide a few tips on how to avoid falling victim to ransomware. These aren’t foolproof and it is not a comprehensive list so on top of all these tips you need to exercise caution and judgement when on the internet. 1. Anti-Virus is Essential While anti-virus software alone may not completely secure your system it will help to stop known viruses from infecting your system. If you are a home user you can opt to use some of the free offerings out there such as Avira or AVG. If

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Free Windows 10 Upgrade – Expiring Soon

Get Your Free Windows 10 Upgrade While You Still Can! If you are running eligible versions of Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 you can still grab your free Windows 10 upgrade, but only for another 6 weeks or so! Microsoft will be pulling the plug on free upgrades, as per the original plan, one year after it was launched. This means that after 29th July 2016 you will no longer be able to upgrade for free. On the official Microsoft web page on how to upgrade you can see this date in the terms. I have been using

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Windows 10 Privacy Settings You Want to Know About

Windows 10 Privacy Settings You Should Change Microsoft gave us a lovely free upgrade (which is expiring soon!) to Windows 10 if you were on Windows 7, 8 or 8.1. This was to persuade people to use the latest operating system (OS) but was also a good way to make people forget the disaster of Windows 8! With the upgrade, however, there are a few privacy settings which you might want to consider changing from the defaults. If you haven’t installed Windows 10 yet this first section is for you. If you have already installed it and want to check

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Unifi WiFi Access Points – The Software

Unifi WiFi Access Points – The Software Carrying on from my post about the Unifi Wifi Access Points hardware, we go straight into how to configure them. When plugged into your network the Unifi WiFi access points will pick up an IP from DHCP. They don’t, however, have their own GUI to configure them. The reason for this is pretty straightforward. They are designed to be managed through the Unifi Controller software which can be installed on all major computer operating systems. This allows for centralised management and is particularly useful when managing multiple devices. You can find the software

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